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This picture might look weird but if you look deeper you'll see. It has meaning, a lot of meaning . . . .

Community Walk: High School with track

CommunityWalk Map - Schools in the five borough that offer any type of track program

This a map i made on Community On it, it shows different high schools that offer boys and girls track programs; from Cross Country to Outdoor to Hurdles to long jump. Be sure to understand that every single high school that offers track is not here, but there are a lot.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Charlie Parker and his BeBop

Charlie Parker playing with Miles Davis. It was taken by photographer William P. Gottlieb. Its from website William Gottlieb (1917 – 2006) is known for his sensitive, dignified depictions of jazz greats. Gottlieb developed an interest in their music while listening to a friend’s records while recovering from a spell of food poisoning. Gottlieb documented jazz’s Golden Era for numerous publications, including the Washington Post and Downbeat. For 10 years he took more than 1,600 photos of jazz legends, including Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Benny Goodman and Louis Armstrong.
This high-quality art print is expertly produced to capture the vivid color and exceptional detail of the original.

A statue of Charles Parker at Charlie Parker Memorial Plaza, Kansas City, MO. This is a 17-foot [5.2-meter] bronze statue designed by internationally renowned sculptor Robert Graham. The statue resides in the Charlie Parker Memorial Plaza, on 17th Terrace and Paseo Boulevard, and is inscribed with the words "Bird Lives." From website

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Alvin Ailey

This is a podcast for my computer class. It's about Alvin Ailey and his dance theater. I plan to join them when I get older. Alvin Ailey was an African American dancer. You've probably heard of one of his pieces called Revelations, that's my favorite one. Listen to it PLZ!!! :-D

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Monday, November 17, 2008

This cartoon is so funny. I chose it first because Obama was in it, and he is beautiful. I also chose it because it is sooooo true. November 4th, 2008 marked the first day when blacks actually started being treated equally. When the framers of the constitution wrote that in the constitution, it didnt really include African Americans but now that we have the first African American president that we know for a fact is African American, we have equal rights. Before, we were all slaves, under the control of the white man. We couldn't even vote, let alone be a senator, but Brack Obama was a senator and now, he's president. Look at Colin Powell and Al Sharpton. We've come so far and we still have so far to go. Hopefully, other people will start to realize it also and start acting and treating us equally too. Racism will probably never die, but it should start to go down. People will have to except it, its life. We need this change. Here is an article that backs up my opinion even more.
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